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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Doris Daylily continues growing

I could write a whole book about Doris and how fabulous she is. I don't have time to write that book, though, so let's make do with a few pictures and a couple of anecdotes.

First of all, it's the first ever Pet Pledge Day at WUOT, the nearest NPR station. Wesley volunteers for all of their fund drives. Enthusiastically. Wesley loves a fund drive. Anyhoo, he already filled out a piece of paper saying that I've given in memory of Harry and in honor of Doris Daylily. Who couldn't love that? Giving to something good, and getting my dog's name out there. Too cool!

In general, though, Doris is fabulous. She loves to run, and throwing a ball for her is a very good thing, all by itself.

My favorite moments tend to be indoors, though -- sometimes Doris goes crazy and tears around the living rooms at the fastest pace she can manage, sliding under the furniture to make the biggest figure-8 that she possibly can, and scooting out the other side so she can resume her ferocious race. I can't tell you how exhilarating it all is.

Doris hates baths. I wish she didn't. My sister Amy has a bulldog named Lola who loves a bath. I am so jealous. Doris gets a bath once a month, and every time, you would think we were dunking her in acid. Poor thing.

But the best, best part is when she turns over and asks us to rub her tummy. I could do that for hours. Such a good dog! Such a good girl! I only wish I could get better photos of her!


At 4/4/09 1:12 AM, Blogger Amy said...

That is one gorgeous Daylily, Bay. And, you know, the best thing about her is that she's still just a tiny puppy. You're going to have so many years of happiness with her!


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