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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Scrappin' again

Club Scrap is sponsoring another speed scrapbooking contest this summer. CS is too nice to have individual scrapbooking contests, so they went for a team effort with very clear rules. They who scrap the biggest pile of layouts... win. They who are slow and careful will not win.

My darlin' team -- er, I mean, cabin -- the Campfire Croppers... have come in third. Twice so far. And judging from the pace set by the perennial winners, we're not going to overtake them. Even though I have made a concerted effort to actually contribute to my team's -- er, I mean cabin's -- efforts.

(See photo of two-page layout above.)

I made a two-page layout! And I put on pictures! Seriously! Only two years after the event, I finally scrapped Emily's foray into public school dances as a yippee-skippy rabblerousing homeschooling outsider.

I was soooooooo excited about that layout, not because it's pretty (cuz it clearly is) nor because it's finished (which is so unusual), but because of the papers and stuff that I used.

I mixed kits, y'all.

I haven't mixed kits in years. I used to do it all the time. But then I got burnt out on scrapbooking, and then I stopped scrapbooking at all, and then I took a year off and didn't make any scrapbook pages at all, and THEN came the Assembly Line Scrapbooking thang. (AKA "ALSB.")

Now, I don't stick to the ALSB instructions for the individual kits. I swap the instructions around. But I do keep the kits together now. It's easier. And faster. And more efficient and cost effective and all that stuff there.

But it's not nearly as creative as the old days when I would pull a pink from the Pastel collection, an ivory from the Reflections kit, and a dash of red from Polynesian.

So what really thrilled me about that layout up there is that I mixed some seriously diverse kits and themes all together, and it still looks like a rockin' faboo layout.

- Purple and grey paper from the Varsity (June 2005) kit
- Mauve paper from Chocolate Shoppe (Feb 2005)
- Floral print paper from the Beautiful Botanicals (May 2000 -- seriously classic!)
- "spring" stickers from English Garden (May 2004)
- "Fling" and "2006" stickers from Chocolate Shoppe
- charcoal ink from Workbench (August 2005)
- "Admit it - you're having fun" sticker from County Fair (June 2004)

Howzzat for a mash-up?

I admit it. I am having fun. I do love paper, after all.