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Monday, June 11, 2007

Back to life!

While I was writing up my trip report, I was a totally lazy slacker and didn't do any proper blogging. Bad Bay! And darn it, there are so many interesting things to rant about. Like, for instance, how my air conditioning broke again. It does that every summer. I'm really tired of it. But luckily for you, I didn't blog all about my frustration. It just gets whiny after a while.

So now that I'm more comfortable, I can talk about more interesting things!

Like... wait a minute, I'll think of something. Ooo! I thought of something! I'm going to a Food For Craft Banquet in Nashville next weekend! And I'm really looking forward to it! I'll report it all here, of course. I'm going to be carpooling with the FFC Crafter who's teaching the Banquet, Shona. It'll be nice to have some company on the three-hour drive!

And! My darlin' stister Yamy had a birthday on the 6th -- happy birthday, Yamy! -- and for her present, she got me! Yes! I'm going to Las Vegas for the weekend of the 23rd. Watch out, Sin City! Me and my trampy camisoles are comin' back!

What else?

Oh, yes, I've been scrappin'. It's not easy, considering the office was the second hottest room in the house. (The kitchen is the most hot room in the house, but I avoided it by not cooking anything at all while the temperatures were the most unbearable.) I finally tackled the Surf's Up kit from last summer. I loved it when it arrived -- it's such an unbelievable combination of light, light green, lime green, blue, orange, and pinky-reddish-orange. I *loved* it on first sight. When I was cleaning out my scraproom and selling stuff off? I kept every single piece of Surf's Up. I feel like I've been waiting 11 months just to scrap this gorgeous kit, and now that I finally have -- it totally lived up to my expectations!

I'm getting beach photos and vacation photos printed, and as soon as possible, I'm going to start putting pictures on these pages. I just love the way they turned out before the photos arrived! And most of them aren't even copied from the Scrap Rap -- I actually designed most of 'em myself.

(It's so nice to finally be happy with the scrappin'. It's been *so* long since I did it just to be happy!)

Now I have to run and make a book for Peytyn. I got the prints from our South Florida vacation, and I got plenty of copies of the pictures with the kids in 'em. Gift book time!

Oh, and for tomorrow -- I really must tell about how I chastised a policeman and shamed him into leaving me alone!


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