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Friday, July 14, 2006

Wow! Project Runway links

Oooo, I need to talk about TV more often -- this post generated a *lot* of email!

OK, some links for folks who also love dishing about the new season and the opinions of Bravo's decision to coin the word "auf'd" for Heidi's signature goodbye phrase to the week's loser....

- Design*Sponge -- This blog/podcast/website is full of yummy design commentary and photos. Truly inspirational! And there's a bit of a chat going on about the Season 3 premiere to sweeten the pot.

- Television Without Pity -- So many people love this website. It can be a little contentious for me, but hey, if I get some spoilers and some gossip from the Project Runway forums, I'm cool with snarky.

- Blogging Project Runway -- Several readers wrote to point me in this direction. There's so much info here that it can be a little overwhelming, so you may want to hit it in small bites. Yummy!

- Dan Renzi's blog -- An old friend steered me to this blog, written by a former Real World/Road Rules (?) cast member. His recaps of Project Runway are hilarious!

I'm so lucky to have found so many people who will help me dish about this show. Thank you, everyone! You own the bombness! Now, all of us need to channel hate waves toward Jeffrey.... who really irritates me with his tattoo'ed neck. Tattoos, I love. On the neck? OW!!!


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