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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oodles of reviews

Donning my critic's hat -- because I feel critical tonight --

1. Diet Wrecker of the Week
Limited Edition Fudge Reese's Peanut Butter Bar -- Fabulous. Decadent. Incredible. Yummy! Run, do not walk, and get one for yourself, because there is not a chance in hayull that I'll share mine.

2. DVD Rental of the Week
"Nanny McPhee" -- Best movie I've seen in ages. I laughed out loud; I cried buckets. Stunning cast. Phenomenal writing. Gorgeous art direction. Good special effects. It's on DVD. Rent it yesterday. And I mean the grown-ups. If you have kids, well, better go ahead and buy it.

3. Shoes of the Week -- no, Shoes of the Decade
Crocs -- Best shoes on earth. Not as decorative as Jimmy Choos, but definitely easy on the feet. I just love mine more and more with every passing day.

4. Diet-Friendly Treat of the Week
Tropicana Sugar-Free Lemonade -- Practically a dessert all by itself! Highly, highly recommended.

5. CD of the Week
Snow Patrol "Eyes Open" -- Love it, love it, love it. Buy two copies. Listen to "Chasing Cars" 24 hours a day. OK, no, scratch that last recommendation. You have to listen to the other tracks, too. It's just a gorgeous album.

6. Techno Bay's Gadget of the Week
Skype Internet phone -- Amazing sound quality, VERY cool ringtone. Highly recommended.

7. Lunch of the Week
Bologna & tomato sandwich -- *Excellent* summer fare, especially when one uses one's own tomatoes. Mmmmmmmmmmm!

8. TV Program of the Week
"Project Runway" -- If you can only find one hour to spend watching television this week, watch the premiere of Project Runway Season 3. I am absolutely dying to find out who gets kicked off for breaking the rules, why, and when. There have already been some absolutely gorgeous designs on the runway -- for just one challenge! The coffee-filter dress by Michael Knight is my favorite. (I've watched the show two and a half times now, and those beautiful, fluttery "wings" on the dress are just too cool for design school.) I just cannot wait for the next episode!

9. Podcast of the Week
Tim's Take -- Tim Gunn dishes the dirt behind the whole Project Runway premiere and tells what he was really thinking while Vincent ranted and raved about his crazy basket hat. Best of all, he gives us a clue about the rule-breaker! Tune in for the details!!!

10. Movie of the Month (so far)
"The Devil Wears Prada" -- It's taken me days to sort out all my thoughts. First, I was somehow disappointed in the changes in the plot that happened between the book and the film, yet I liked the Miranda character so much more in the movie. It finally occurred to me what was bothering me in the final analysis, and I really need to see the movie again to see if I'm right or wrong. (I'm usually wrong.) Here's the problem: Varying from the book, main character Andy suddenly actually understands the value and purpose of her job as Miranda's assistant, and being a smart girl with a brain and an education, she determines to succeed at this enviable job. Also different from the book is the fact that Andy does, in fact, begin to succeed. Her friends begin to act like petulant, whiny, self-absorbed, irresponsible high school kids -- which, again, is a bit different from the story as it was in the book. Then -- for no really good reason at all -- movie Andy decides to return to the plot as it was in the book, and she quits her job and apologizes to her friends for being so awful as to want to succeed and make something of herself.

The bra-burning feminist within me rails against this travesty of a plot device. There have been movies about career women discovering the value of leaving the Rat Race -- remember that darling old comedy "Baby Boom"? It is possible to write films about women who make difficult choices. Unfortunately, "The Devil Wears Prada" failed to sell me that bill of goods. It just seems wrong, somehow.

And yet, I liked the movie and want to see it again. Mostly for the clothes.

There. Now that you know how many lovely things I've encountered this week, I've no reason to bore you with the icky stuff.


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