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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Survived Prom night...

Sure, maybe *most* people would upload pictures of the happy Prom couple. Me? It's all about me. So I had to include a picture of me with my baby girl!!!!

Notice how her head is ever-so-slightly higher than mine? I swear, it's just the high heels.


Emily and Jef did, indeed, attend the Prom tonight. Well, last night. It's 2:40 in the morning of Sunday, so when I say "tonight," I mean Saturday night.

Her hair and make-up were done by our next-door-neighbor's girlfriend Cindy. Cindy is a girlie girl, and she has sooooooo much more modern style than I do. I hardly recognized Emily at all, and we were all thrilled with the art that Cindy created on Emily's visage!

Jef -- Emily's boyfriend -- could hardly keep his smile under control while his mom and I took thousands of pictures and hooted at him. Jef likes to project an Eeyore kind of attitude, but trust me, he was *thrilled* when Emily saw him in his tuxedo and exclaimed, "You're beautiful!"

They had dinner at a Japanese restaurant -- lots of sushi (California rolls, tuna, shrimp, salmon, and one caviar roll).

And this is the weird part. I know most parents just sit at home and wait during Prom, but Jef's parents and we went out to P.F. Chang's for dinner. WOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!! It was *sublime*. I had the wonton soup for the first time ever. And lettuce wraps, and Peking dumplings, and that magnificent wok-seared lamb. Mmmmmmmmm, yummy!!!!! And of course you *know* that Woodrow and I shared the Great Wall of Chocolate for dessert. Wowzers!!!!!!!

(Hey, I have leftover lamb in the fridge for tomorrow. Yay, me!!!!)

There were four Proms in Knoxville Saturday night, so we saw lots and lots of teenagers in formal attire. What fun!

But we had not nearly as much fun as the Prom-goers themselves. Emily was asleep on the way home, but at home, she sort of woke up while I pulled 80 bobby pins from her hair. She said she *had* to wash her hair right then -- I guess her scalp was killing her? So she washed her hair and face, and then she told me all about the Prom. They had a tropical theme, and they got t-shirts. Hey! I never got a t-shirt at Prom!! Hmph!

The food was far more substantive than the party mints and peanuts that I had at my Proms. These kids these days! They had cheese & crackers, as well as a massive dessert bar of cubes of pound cake and angel food cake, cut-up fruit, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, whipped cream, and even freshly baked cookies, all warm and gooey, straight from the oven. Geez!!! I wish any of my Proms had had such a splendid spread!

She talked to a lot of new people. After all, Em is a homeschooler, and this was a public school Prom. Everyone she met, she liked. There was nothing that she didn't like.

Em reports that she and Jef didn't dance -- much to my and Jef's mom's disappointment. We were so hoping they would dance! But Emily was shocked at the fast music dancing, and she couldn't get over her shock during the very few slow dances.

I really should post more pics. I took a ton of pictures before Emily and Jef left for dinner. And Emily is beaming happily in all of them. You can't help but be happy when someone you love is that happy. Y'know?


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