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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Welcome, "P" Surfers... & Goodbye....

[Editor's Note: I'm editing this post after the fact to delete any words which might accidentally trigger the censor filters at your average school computer. I hope I get them all! If you're wondering what I edited out, please feel free to email me. I'll spill my guts and tell you everything I know, including the behind-the-scenes secrets of your favorite reality TV shows. OK, not really. Really, I don't know those secrets. But I wish I did! Because then I would be rich instead of blogging my guts out!]

I can't help laughing as I type this. Like many bloggers, I track my "hits." Turns out the amusing phrase I used in the last post is showing up when "p" surfers put the phrase "dirty w" in the search engine. BWAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!! I bet *those* are some darned disappointed surfers, huh?

Move along, "P" Surfers -- nothing to see *here* -- just an ordinary travel blog, that's all.

(With some great descriptions of really gorgeous security guards, yes, but no actual, overt *action* -- if ya get my drift.)

Snort. The things people do on the Internet...

[The last two parts of the Las Vegas trip report are in progress, readers, don't worry!]


At 16/2/06 8:40 PM, Blogger Wanda E. Santiago said...

Hey beautiful I can't read you at school anymore you Blogged has been banned. LOL Now I know why!! Love ya!! Wanda

At 17/2/06 1:52 AM, Blogger Bay in TN said...

For you, Wanda, I'm willing to delete the references that make my blog off-limits. Gosh, I hope I get them all edited out! Thanks for the heads-up on that -- I never even considered the repurcussions of my amusing language on school computer filters!

At 17/2/06 11:51 PM, Blogger Wanda E. Santiago said...

Hey Bay I love love you!! Your Blog gives me joy and coming here I am reminded why I do what I do. I hate that I didn't see you in Vegas and look foward to meeting you someday. I will be in Chicago!! Hugs Wanda your number one fan.

At 18/2/06 12:08 AM, Blogger Gwyn Calvetti said...

So can you officially say you've been banned in Boston? You think?

Too, too funny.


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