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Friday, December 30, 2005

A Year of Lessons

Thank you, thank you ver' much. Elvis has left the building. But I -- yes, I -- am still here, playin' the lounge.

I've been trying to think of some clever and entertaining way to do a year-end wrap up. Since nothing particularly fabulous came to mind, we'll go with the lessons I learned in 2005, month by month. Think of them as the last little presents left under the Christmas tree. It's my gift to you!

Lesson #1: Don't pray for snow. It's a waste of a prayer, especially when you live in the South and the world is warming up.

Lesson #2: Get the flu shot. Or you'll get the flu just when you're supposed to be going to the biggest trade show in the crafts industry, miss half of the show, and then be so exhausted and worn out for the two days that you are there that you'll get lost in Atlanta every time you try to drive to the convention center from your outer-limits hotel.

Lesson #3: Do not accept 6 artwork/article assignments at once. You will go crazy trying to meet all your deadlines.

Lesson #4: When someone says there are violets blooming, do not hesitate. Go roll in them. They will fade before you know it.

Lesson #5: Do not accept a huge, major, gargantuan assignment just because it's an honor. Hold out for money.
Lesson #6: Some artists are pure souls. Love them. This is art for art's sake.

Lesson #7: Clip your parrot's wings regularly. Or he will take off for a four-night adventure that leaves you exhausted, worried, and literally out of tears.

Lesson #8: Fireworks are good -- if you are sensible and take the necessary precautions.
Lesson #9: Old friends are the best friends. Keep your eyes open for long-lost friends.

Lesson #10: Keep an open mind. The art technique that scares you the most may be the most rewarding.
Lesson #11: Wisconsin lakes are much warmer than Tennessee lakes!
Lesson #12: Vacation is more for the spirit than for the body.

Lesson #13: After accepting huge, gargantuan assignment, don't hold a protest in the hopes of getting more money. It's futile.

Lesson #14: The best birthday celebration involves happy family members. And Mexican food. I'm just sayin'. Is all.

Lesson #15: Don't think that cooking is the solution. The food may be fabulous, but the soul needs good company to make a happy Thanksgiving.

Lesson #16: Don't sweat the small stuff.
Lesson #17: Don't ask for gift cards. Or spend them too quickly.

Tah dah! It may not be profound, but it's what I learned in 2005. Now if only I could learn how to change my blog template. I'm bored! I want pink! Or... something!

Regardless, I hope you all have fabulous and fruitful 2006's. It's going to be a better year, I just know it!


At 8/1/06 5:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

o.O Lotsa Lessons...
eyes covered.


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