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Thursday, December 29, 2005


'Scuse me. I don't think it's a new cold -- I think it's the old one. But man, I'm sneezing a lot this morning!

I don't think I ever posted my "new" headshot. Tah dah! Here I am in my new, extra-plush size. You may not be able to tell by my headshot, but trust me, I have more cleavage than I have ever had in my entire life -- and every bit of it is *natural*. Cleavage is amazing stuff. I could've used more of it when I was younger.

Emily took the picture. She's so disgusting. I agonize over every frame, and I still delete more than half of the ones I take. Not Em -- she's gifted or something. Boogerhead. Anyway, this headshot is going to be in at least two publications this winter. I'll let you know when they hit newsstands.

Now, here's something I can't sneeze at -- high-speed internet. Oooooo! Things are soooooo fast! I'm watching video online! I watch some videos that no one in their right mind would watch. Just because I can! I can aspire to being a cool kid now!

Here's a shout out to my scrapbookin' homeys -- when the technology of high-speed internet and wireless networking was the *most* frustrating and the *most* confusing, I turned off the computers and the phones, grabbed my December Club Stamp kit, and made a piano-hinge book. There is nothing like paper -- nothing in the world. I love this stuff. It's the perfect cure for the techno-blues. Once I had a book made, I was able to redress the computer stuff, and as you can see it worked -- because I am, indeed, online!

What else can I write about this morning? Let me think. (My brain is careering wildly from one thought to another.... ) Well, I overheard my caveman -- er, I mean, husband -- telling his father to go see "The Producers." I've never heard Wesley recommend a movie that wasn't a Western or a mob movie to his dad! I'm in shock. Even more shocking -- he suggested we all go to see the movie again today.

However, the more I sneeze my way through typing this post, I wonder if maybe I really did catch a whole new cold. Dang.


At 8/1/06 5:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! Tis my Mother!! **dances** I took that pik-chur!!

Eye'm a Jeen-yuss!!

Meh mother ish ta Besssst!

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