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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Too much!

I'm incoherent; I can't write; I don't have the words; I am insufficient to this task.

I'm happy. Usually I can be a little more eloquent than this when I'm happy, but there are too many memories and too many good things crowding my brain to weed through them all and come up with something that will make sense.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, the Class of '85 is holding its reunion this week in my hometown, and not only was Greg there, but a whole bunch of people I really liked were there, too. I was a senior a year before these people graduated, but my class had only two people who participated in theatre, while a whole host of juniors were there for much of my high school years. So I knew more people in that younger class, and I was closer to them than I was to my own classmates.

Greg arrived on Thursday, but our schedules didn't match up. Friday night, Wesley received a call from Jim, his best friend. Jim met his wife Peytyn at our wedding in 1987, and they live in Florida now, so we don't see them as much as we would like. Jim called, and the next thing I knew, we were on our way to meet Jim & Peytyn for dinner. The evening was nothing short of sublime -- we laughed so hard and talked so fast, I didn't want the night to end. But Wesley had work the next morning, so we had to leave. Before we left, Peytyn was encouraging me to "crash" the reunion. And I was seriously considering it.

Saturday afternoon, I finally reunited with Greg at a bed & breakfast that was once the home of one of my friends -- and I had lived just down the street. Not only was it nice to see that house again, but it was incredible to finally see Greg again. He looks so young!!!! Just seeing him makes me feel younger!!!! We talked so fast and laughed so hard, again, it was really hard to leave him, but he also encouraged me to come to his reunion. Fortunately, the organizer of the event was staying at the same B&B, so I okayed it with her first -- even though I knew Wesley wouldn't be able to come with me and act as my extroverted buffer.

I can't begin to describe Saturday night -- that's the confusing part -- there were *so* many people that I was *so* happy to see again, and everone was so wonderfully nice!!!!! All the women look fabulous, all the men look grown-up. There was none of that weird high school stress -- just a bunch of old friends hanging out and laughing and talking. It was *wonderful*. I had the best time. I wish *my* class reunion had been half as fun!!!!! Oh, wait, though -- I organized that one. Ugh! What a disaster. I'll never organize another reunion again!!!!

And I might just lobby to hold our reunion in conjunction with the Class of '85 -- so I'll be able to see all these good, old friends again!

Sunday -- which is now, I guess -- Sunday all these people will have to go home. And I don't want to think about that. Instead, I just want to think about people whose faces looked so much younger every time they spoke.

I had a *really* good time. My husband is going to be shocked when I tell him. And that makes me happy, too -- after all this time, I'd like to still be able to surprise him occasionally!


At 10/7/05 12:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time at the reunion. I was in a similar situation as you- I was closer to the class of 84 than those in my class (what a bunch of goobers...) I was elated when the class of 84 offered to have their reunion in conjunction with ours last September.

Then our organizers didn't want to have the reunion at a local restaurant- they wanted it at a fancy hotel so that the drunken ex-jocks wouldn't have to be responsible and either find a designated driver to drive home/to their hotel or *gasp* not get stinking drunk.

So, they split the reunion and '85 is this August instead. AND the reunion is going to cost $125 a person since it's in an impersonal, yet fancy, ballroom in a nearby city hotel. WTF? Not going. Too far. Too pretentious. Too expensive (I could afford it no problem, but it's the principle- the most expensive fancy yummy restaurant in my hometown costs maybe $50 a plate with a couple of glasses of very nice wine.)

Sorry for the total hijack of your blog entry, but it stirred some fire in my soul.

At 10/7/05 1:18 PM, Blogger Bay in TN said...

Oh, Lisa, as near as I can tell, that sort of situation is completely typical of holding reunions. I organized *my* class reunion because two factions split up and went to war over whether to have it in a different city or at a country club. Both groups said they refused to attend if the reunion was held in the other group's preferred spot. So I ended up with very little help planning the reunion, and the facility had all the style and panache of a public restroom.

The reunion I just went to last night was missing a group of classmates who were angry about something. I didn't actually know those people well, so I didn't miss them.

My husband -- who attends every reunion his class holds and is ecstatic every time -- swears that people grow up. If you're into reunion *planning*, that's not very evident.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I understand. Reunions are *fraught* with problems, aren't they?


At 10/7/05 3:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So great that you had a good time, I had a marvelous time at my 20 year reunion, it's really amazing that "most" people do grow up, lol!

At 10/7/05 11:15 PM, Blogger Hi, my name is Greg. said...

Hey Bay Bay! We did have a blast didn't we????!!!! You are fabulous too, sweetie. If anyone tells you anything different - you explain that your *mucho* young looking, gay, bestest long time and forever best friend will take off his pumps & scratch their eyes out!!! LOL!!! OK NOW for real, Bay. I love you and the whole idea that we have reconnected after all of the years is more than any writing of words could ever explain. It is unfortunate that you did not have as much fun at your reunion - but having you "crash" my reunion was the total bomb. Seeing you again and laughing with you as well was as if time had never passed. You and I just picked up right where we left off 20 yrs ago. That's a true and meaningful friendship that only happens with a chosen few. I feel ever so lucky to have been chosen *in that cosmic sorta way* to have us after all these years come together - first on email, then on phone, and then (finally) in person. Honestly, having gone to the "BIG 20" reunion - that turned out faulous, and seeing you look as lovely as ever....Well hell! It brings only tears of joy to my eyes. Life is great. Whew! Now that I have my "pumps off" - I am going to go to bed and sleep. Something that I am in dire need of.

Love 2 Love ya' as always!

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