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Thursday, July 07, 2005

For those who don't scroll down...

I finally forced the Blogger image hosting service to cooperate and got my Fourth of July report to work. So it's under the last post.

It's Wednesday night, and I had a full day. Wesley went to an orthopedic surgeon to find out what's up with his right shoulder, which has been hurting since last fall. Unfortunately, the regular doctor didn't send the CD with Wesley's scans to the orthopedic guy, so we still don't have a course of action. He'll see him again in a month, and maybe then we'll find out whether he needs surgery. The orthopedic surgeon is leaning toward surgery. Ugh. It's a three-month recovery period, during which time the arm would be immobilized in a cast. I know Wesley -- he's not going to take that sort of inactivity sitting down.

My [blank blank] is on hold for this week -- the judge's answering machine says to check next week. I'm wondering when/if I'm going to get a note from the courthouse that I don't need to come in at all. And, *oh*, I wish I knew how that one case turned out last week!

The washing machine isn't working. I'm hoping Wesley simply forgot to hook up the water line or something, because the machine hums when you turn it on, but no water comes out. Cross your fingers for me! This washer is more trouble than it's worth!

And finally, the photo above is a layout I made last fall after Krisi and I behaved very badly at Pleasure Island in Disney World. Krisi and I have more fun than middle-aged married chicks should have when we go to PI every other November. And Krisi's craving a return before the next scheduled trip in '06. I agree with her. We should just tell the kids to take care of themselves and take off!!!!!


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