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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Back in the Zone

I recently fell out of love with scrapbooking.

I know it seems impossible, but it's true. I was so busy for a little while that I was overwhelmed and uninspired. I had four or five artwork assignments all at once, with overlapping deadlines in March and April. When I finished them -- and oh, that last one was *so* hard to complete -- I just didn't ever want to make another scrapbook page.

With my energy all wrapped up in writing and ATC's, I didn't scrap for three months. That's a very long dry spell for someone like me.

Then Club Scrap sent the Wings kit, which I adore, and I scrapped a page -- just for me.

(Don't tell my tax guy.)

My biggest problem right now is that my house is a *wreck*. I can't begin to describe the mess, and I wouldn't post photos even if you begged me. I keep hoping elves will break into my house and clean it up while I'm sleeping. I haven't been working in my scrap space in three months -- it's piled high with non-scrap junk that I had to clear out of the laundry room and back hallway when the washing machine started leaking and had to be dragged out to be fixed. Now it's fixed. And the junk is still in my office.

When I finally *did* scrap -- and it kickstarted the creative urge, and I'm dying to scrap more -- it was on the couch in the living room. My back hates me right now, and it's complaining vehemently.

About 70% of my art materials are piled up in the living room.

And in the meantime, the second largest show of the year was just held in Chicago this weekend. Was I there? No. I wish I had been!!!!

The "scoop" for CHA-Chicago has been being posted on ScrapTalk. Pictures of new products abound. A written report intrigues me. Why, oh, why didn't I rob a bank and go to Chicago?

I crave things I don't have -- things that are perhaps not even ready for the consumer market. I want a more powerful die-cut machine. (Actually, I've been craving that for a couple of months now. I have a ZAZ. I want a Zip'E Mate.)

Someone posted a picture of giant, acrylic monograms -- now I want everything found in the Go West Studios galleries.

The next few weeks are filled to overflowing with too many things to do that must be done. I have deadlines for articles scattered across August and September. I'm going to the Club Scrap Retreat the first weekend in August, and then leaving for vacation in South Carolina on the 14th. Next weekend, I'll see Blake Clark one night, and then go to the free crop at the Maple Grove Inn the next day. Literally all my days are stretching out before me, shouting, "Organize! Research! Write! You don't have time to play!"

I honestly don't know what's worse -- having absolutely no inspiration, or having too much to do and no time in which to do it.

But at least I can't say I don't love scrapping. I do. I really do. Now I must quit blogging and go back to finishing my second layout. I hope you understand.