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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Thoughts on a Monday evening

1. Mondays would be totally unbearable if it weren't for the mail and "The West Wing" marathons on Bravo.

B. But I got nothing interesting in today's mail. Booooooooooooooooo-ring. OMG. I'm gonna die if I don't get something interesting soon. I mean, something more interesting than, say, a jury duty summons. Those are interesting -- in a *bad* way.

III. And honestly, I've seen all these episodes of "The West Wing" pretty recently. I wish they would re-run the stuff that happened in the 2004-2005 season.

4. Just as I heard that the Michael Jackson verdict was pending, I turned off the TV and the radio and absconded to the front porch for some much needed freedom from insanity.

E. I cut Wesley's hair. Oh, yes, I did. I am a fiend for clippers and a high-and-tight haircut. And no, I have no cosmetology training. I'm just a multi-talented kinda gal. This was my first high-and-tight. I *rock*. No, there are no pictures yet. Wesley had to *run* to take a shower because he was covered with tiny, itchy bits of hair. Poor guy. I still rock.

VI. All three of the birds went to the porch for a bath. Cosmo got the first and most profound bath, as always. Amazons take a lot of water to get clean. Orlando (the near-white budgie) was by far the most fun -- I had no idea how much he liked a shower until he got a taste of it! All this time he's been bathing in his water dish. (And that drives Woodrow crazy, because he's a little anal-retentive about keeping the bird's water clean, so he has to change the water three or four times a day.) Lilo, Emily's nervous sorority-girl cockatiel, just about had a heart attack and dived straight into her own water dish to get away from all the evil water falling out of the sky. Birds are fun. Go get some of your own.

7. Summer just doesn't get any better than a late afternoon on the porch, cutting hair and showering parrots. Maybe I can open a barbershop in the Caribbean after Wesley retires. An open-air barbershop on the beach... Yeah, that's the ticket.


At 17/6/05 12:23 PM, Blogger Gwyn Calvetti said...

Sounds like paradise to me, Bay!


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