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Monday, June 20, 2005

After spending Friday night in the pecan tree, Cosmo flew around Saturday, causing no small mount of distress on my part. Finally, as the sun was setting, our neighbors two doors in the *other* direction reported noise in their backyard. Again, it was a tree we couldn't climb. As it got darker, Cosmo left this particular tree and went to the next tallest tree, just to the right of his location in this pic. He was last heard there around midnight Saturday night and is currently very much missing. Oh, be kind to our fine, feathered friends.

P.S. -- Big, honkin' thanks to Em for taking what may very well be the last known picture of Cosmo, even though you can't really see him in this great long-distance shot, and even though I'm not allowed to give up on his safe return until, oh, September or so. Great. Now I'm gonna cry again. Geeeeeeeeez, I'm such a sentimental goober! Posted by Hello


At 20/6/05 9:24 AM, Blogger Ally said...

oh Bay! I'm so sad! I was sure he'd come home by now! He has to get hungry soon, right? No giving up allowed!

At 20/6/05 8:52 PM, Blogger Amy said...

I keep stopping by your blog to see if there's any news. When I don't see anything, half of me thinks, "Oh, no. He's still missing," and my inexplicably sunny, optimistic half thinks, "Maybe she's too busy holding him and feeding him and welcoming him back home to post anything right now." In either case, I'm waiting with bated breath.


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