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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Thursday night, Sept. 2nd

Last night Amy & I saw Kathleen Madigan at Harrah's (which is a lot nicer than I expected). If you don't know who she is, you're missing out. I've been a big fan for years -- she's *faaaaaaaabulous*. This summer, when Amy & I were addicted to Last Comic Standing, Kathleen was our favorite to win, and she was totally robbed.

Anyway, Amy bought the tix for her & Paul the moment they went on sale, and then when she found out that I would be here, Paul said I should go because I was a bigger fan. We had the best seats in the house!!!!!!!! Front row center!!!!!!!! It was an *amazing* show, and I laughed so hard for so long that I regretted not owning waterproof mascara. She was *hilarious*. OMG. I laughed so hard!!!

Now, Wesley is a big fan, too, and all he wanted was a big, white t-shirt with her signature, and as it happens, this club sold t-shirts for the comics to sign!!!!!!! I got in line and waited for a while -- in fact, I wanted to be at the end of the line so I could spend more time with her, but two other fans had the same idea, so we all stood there waiting and talking about how fabulous Kathleen is. I ended up talking with her for several minutes, ranting about how misogynistic NBC is, how the contest was rigged, and with Last Comic Standing 3, I'm going to steal cell phones so I can vote for her even more than last time.LOL!!!!!!

She was *so* nice and gracious, and *so* funny during her show.
After the show, we stopped by Fat Burger for a milkshake. Just a milkshake. What else do I need? YUM!!!