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Thursday, April 24, 2008


I can't get a good shot of this year's first humming- bird!

According to the Humming- bird Mig- ration Maps, the ruby- throated hummingbirds returned to my area on March 22nd.

Hmph. Not at my house. I have had nectar out for weeks and weeks, and it wasn't until Saturday that the level started dipping.

I guess my hummingbirds were having too much of a good time in Mexico, huh? They certainly picked up pointers in zipping away from a camera like Speedy Gonzolez.

[It just occurred to me that I don't know how to spell that character name. This wouldn't happen if it were a Disney character.]

Aside from the hummingbird activity, it was hot here in East Tennessee today. When I left my dentist's office in Lenoir City, the temperature gauge in my beautiful Prius said it was 91 degrees. Ow. No wonder I've already turned my air conditioning on again. I desperately need to plant more shade trees around my house to keep it cooler.

At least the weather forecast calls for more rain. Goodness knows we're luckier this year than last, but I'm glad it's supposed to rain this weekend. C'mon, precipitation!

Besides -- maybe a little water would slow down that blasted hummingbird so I could get a good look at him.


At 25/4/08 12:42 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Actually, I kind of like the feel of that photo. True, it's not a great portrait of that hummingbird, but it's a wonderful illustration of hummingbird-ness, don't you think?

Congrats on having hummers at your feeder! Happy summer!

At 25/4/08 11:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be sure to change that nectar frequently. After a few days it can start to ferment, and hummingbirds don't enjoy a cocktail as much as we do! ;)


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