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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back to Blog, back to semi-reality

All right. Let's face it. Despite the name of this blog (Bay's Travel Blog), I genuinely suck at travel blogging. I just can't finish a trip report to save my life. And truth be told, I'm not very smooth at the whole blogging thing in general. I mean, other bloggers are able to set aside entire sections for things that have been blogged all in the same thing, or things that have been blogged out of order, or things that are blogged about and linked to at other blogs.

I haven't figure that stuff out yet.

Maybe I will in 2008. I mean, now is as good a time as any. Right?


So it's springtime, and I'm happy about that. Winter was short and mild, but the lack of rain throughout 2007 was worrisome. I'm happy that 2008 is going better.

And I've been enjoying reading the Knoxville and East Tennessee blogs. I'll be linking to my favorites in the next few days. I started reading them because I wish I could publish my own East Tennessee arts-and-entertainment podcast. But I can't figure out how to podcast by myself any more than I can figure out "Technorati" tags. Whatever those are.

I need a Learning Annex course. Or two.


At 23/4/08 10:13 AM, Blogger Amy said...

I'm so glad the blog is back!

About that podcast --
Step 1: Record your voice.
Step 2: Pick some music.
Step 3: I'll help from there.


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