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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Too much excitement

Amy was in a car accident and scared me half to death!

No one was hurt, thank heaven. And the accident wasn't Amy's fault, as deemed by the Las Vegas Police Department. The other driver turned left directly into Amy's path. The wreck was her fault.

Amy's OK, her car may or may not be toast, and that kind of stuff there, but this in no way makes me feel less like getting the next flight to Las Vegas to make sure Amy's OK myself.

Right. Now I just have to practice my deep breathing exercises -- relaaaaaaaax, relaaaaaaaaax, relaaaaaaa -- screw that, I'm having conniptions!!!! I wanna go see my stister and make sure she's all right!

At the *very* least, I would take her some Waldorf salad.

Project Runway, Episode 7

Instead of a blog enty, Amy and I made a special edition of Grits to Glitz. Check out the podcast! We are totally dishing, just exactly the way we always do right after a good TV show!

We're also on iTunes and Podshow!

Suffice it to say that Robert is dead to me.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Das tausendshcone Jungfraulein!

OK, more about the iPod, which has had quite an interesting life. I don't know how your iPod came to you, but mine came to me via the Apple Certified Reconditioned Product store, which is a darned smart way to get an affordable iPod.

The thing is, when I fired 'er up, she spoke German. Now, that is one freaky situation to be in! The only German I know, I learned in voice lessons. Thus the title above -- that's a line from a Brahms song, "Sonntag," and it means, "The thousandfold beautiful young maiden!" And that is *so* my new iPod.

Amy commented yesterday while I was ranting and raving about the iPod -- "she's tired, she's resting, she's in a new country where no one speaks her language, and she's afraid of rejection" -- that female iPods are rare. That was it. I had to name my iPod. After I bought her a nice, protective case (in white leather, thank you, Belkin), I came home and did some research.

Her name is Fraulein Callan. According to at least one German baby name dictionary, it means "chatter." ROFL!

Welcome home, Fraulein Callan -- I'm not going to undermine her self-esteem by rejecting her like her last owner!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Oh, much improved!

Monday: Saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Enjoyed it. Laughed out loud. Not the best movie ever, but darned entertaining and not a total waste of moolah. Then went to P.F. Chang's and had absolutely fabulous dinner. Peking dumplings. Wok-seared lamb. Spring rolls. Way too stuffed to move for 12 hours, and still had leftovers to send with Wesley for his lunch at work.

Tuesday: I GOT AN IIIIIII-POD!!!!!!

Big thanks to Wesley, for getting me a meal that didn't reek.

Big, big, huge, gargantuan thanks to Amy, who bought me an early birthday present.

Tee hee -- I got an iPod!!!!! Can't blog. Must program nifty new gadget!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dang it!

Not fair, Not Fair, NOT FAIR!!!

Wesley went to the Bonefish Grill this evening with his dad and Woodrow, and he TRIED to bring me back a nice dinner. (Note: If he hadn't suddenly sprung his going-out-with-his-dad plans on me, I was going to make roast beef and real yeast rolls for dinner, which would have been a totally fabulous and completely scrumptious meal, because I'm not a bad cook.)

Stupid Bonefish Grill soaked my salad with dressing (EW! who *does* that???), and then they packed it smack in the middle of four hot entree boxes, which effectively COOKED the overdressed salad -- sliiiiiiiiimy and hot, ew, ew, ew!!!

AND -- not only did they steam my crabcakes, but they totally forgot to put any lemon with it. The whole thing was entirely inedible -- and the worst part was, I was the only one who got screwed. *Everyone* else got exactly what they wanted, exactly the way they wanted it.

I didn't get anything. I ran out to stupid Krystal -- twenty frickin' miles away -- and got stupid Krystals for dinner. Guess what? The fries were burnt and cold. They didn't have Diet Dr. Pepper (although the Krystal's in Athens has it).

Now, I know that once upon a time (about four hundred years ago) cooked salads were all the rage. But then again, that was also a time period during which lice infestations were just a fact of life. Frankly, we're better off with crisp, cool salads and louse-free scalps. I'm just sayin'. Is all. Civilization is supposed to mean I get a decent salad and hot, crunchy crabcake with lemon for dinner. Isn't it? I mean, am I wrong about that?

No, I didn't think so. It's just NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!

I swear, tomorrow, I want wok-seared lamb from P.F. Chang's, and I am not taking "I don't feel like driving that far" for an answer!

As God is my witness, I shall never go hungry-- ... Whoops, sorry, I got carried away there. A bit. That line is better uttered against a dark sunset backdrop, anyway.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Project Runway, Ep 6

I'll try to be coherent, but don't count on it.

First of all, Jeffrey's dress was NOT all that and a bag of chips. I liked the construction, but I hated the paint. It was newsprint. Scrapbookers know 80 different ways to stain paper and come up with a better (and more interesting) color palette than Jeffrey's dull, opaque paint colors. Heck, he could have dilluted the paints with water for a more interesting look! To me, the acrylic paints detracted enormously from the design, and really, Jeffrey's dress was just as much of a disaster as Kayne's.

Ugh, Jeffrey. He's as irritating and egotistical as Keith was!

Vincent -- an absolute disaster from start to finish. The only reason he's still there is because the producers think Project Runway fans are about the drama. We're not! We're about the fashion!!!!!

Kayne -- Now, look, y'all, the first skirt was really cute! OK, yes, it was... loud. But hey, I can't paint a flower as pretty as the one on the original Kayne skirt. I also thought Kayne really rallied and pulled off a mostly pretty, fashionable look for the dress that went down the runway. Sure, he was in the bottom three, but that was only because the judges couldn't see that Jeffrey's dress was fugly.

Robert -- MEeeeeee-OW! ROFL! We knew Robert could be catty when he dished about Isaac Mizrahi in the premiere, but wow, he really let his claws hang out in this episode! It was hilarious and dishy!! As for his dress, it was anything but boring, and I'm so glad Robert didn't have to endure the Catwalk of Shame this week.

Laura -- Talk about the opposite of wallflower -- isn't Laura the dishiest? She tries to put things nicely, but she just fails all the way around. I love her designs for the most part, but I'm also aware that her style is so classic and elegant and simple -- it's all been done before. Like, *decades* ago. The moment that Alison was auf'ed and Laura immediately attacked Vincent, I knew her heart was in the right place, but her mouth was headed off in the wrong direction. She *meant* to be saying, "Alison, you shouldn't have been auf'ed." Instead, she went off on Vincent. In her mind, she probably thought that her tirade was the exact same thing as a soothing comment to the auf'ed designer. She wasn't correct. But dang, I really do have to say that I don't believe she meant to be mean. To anyone. She just doesn't have the communication skills necessary to play nice.
P.S. -- Her dress was cute.

Uli -- Was Uli in this competition? I totally can't remember her dress. Did it have a halter top?

Angela -- How *very * interesting was it that the producers didn't show Angela's dress until it was on the runway? She said, "I'm gonna quilty quilty quilty," or something like that, and then we didn't see her until her dress was getting a pass from the judges. I didn't like it. But hey, that's just me.

Michael -- I continue to just adore Michael, and this week didn't alter a single vestige of my love for him. He's nice. He's good. He's hilarious (like when he told Laura to stop while he was being a beat-box and she was almost white-chick dancing). But best of all, he's an incredible *designer*. Go Michael!!!!! I love it that he won this challenge!

Alison -- Now, look, as a paper crafter, I thought Alison's dress was amazing and incredible. She's also mostly nice (except when she's snarking about Laura's riding habit) and she was the only person that Keith said was still nice to him after he got kicked off for breaking the rules like a madman. She was always entirely too pretty and enviable to be a fashion designer, but hey, she had skills and was always interesting to watch without being completely insane.

Which brings us back to -- Vincent.

Straitjacket. That's all I can say.

The producers are insane. The judges were influenced by the producers. The fans of Project Runway -- those of us who have loved it from the beginning -- are not the mindless sheep of network reality programming. We don't care about drama. We care about *fashion*. And what happened tonight was the most egregious, most upsetting mistake of the last three seasons. Anyone with half a brain should have loved what Alison did with her pretty, textural, sculptural paper dress. And what Vincent made -- what he *infringed* on the viewing public -- surely was more deserving of a vicious "auf" than Alison's little frock.

So tonight's show makes me sad. I should be happy -- my beloved Michael won again, and he so deserves it! -- but instead I'm sad because Vincent will be on my TV again next week. This show is insane. When will the producers come to their senses?

Can't wait for next week's show. I'm hoping Vincent doesn't make it the whole hour. Or Jeffrey. Either one would make me jump up and down and clap my hands together in rapture.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Project Runway, Ep 6 first impressions


No. No, no. Nuh uh. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sad. I can't be much more coherent than that right now. Vincent remains? Who's feeding the judges crack????

More later, when I recover from this wretched injustice....

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I need an iPod

Podcasting is the *bomb*. It owns the bombness. It's so cool, I can't even begin to describe the coolness of it all. Furthermore, it's cool in that I am discovering so many other podcasts that I love love love.

I've said it before -- heck, there's a link over there on the right that points to The Strip Podcast -- but it bears repeating. Repeatedly. Steve and Miles rock. They do celebrity interviews, Las Vegas news, and the Top Secret Tourist Tip of the Week, and the whole show just totally rocks. I think The Strip will always be my favorite podcast.

But when Amy and I started our podcast, we decided to do a little segment every week to point to another fabulous podcast. And it's really hard sometimes to decide which podcast gets the glory! However, once we've designated a "podcast of the week," I find myself totally addicted to that podcast. If I keep listening to *all* these podcasts, and if we keep finding new ones every week, I'll eventually have to give up watching TV and leaving the house. Why? Because I don't even *own* an iPod -- I listen on the computer! It's very cumbersome.

So I'm sharing the joy -- here are all my favorite podcasts, and why I love them:
1. Tim Gunn's Project Runway podcast -- Oh, you know why I love it. Tim's voice. Tim's style. Tim's dishy behind-the-scenes insider gossip!!!! I listen to it either late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning to find out what *really* happened during the taping of each luscious TV episode!

2. 5 Questions -- This show should come with a label, "Warning -- Highly Addictive." Host Greg Demetrick publishes five (usually themed) questions and invites listeners to be the stars of the show with their answers. He has some fascinating listeners! I love the stories they tell! With so many different perspectives and experiences, this show is sometimes serious, sometimes hilarious, and always thought-provoking. I listen to it as soon as it publishes, which has turned into every other week because Greg's so brilliant and so in-demand in the podcasting world. He's going to be speaking about podcasting at Dragon*Con in Atlanta at the end of this month. My daughter is going to be there. I am jealous of my own baby girl!!!! She says she's going to seek Greg out and get me an autograph. Dang!

3. How Much Do We Love...? -- I'll be honest -- this podcast is the one that is most like what Amy and I wanted to do with our podcast. Sara and Rob are best friends, they're podcasting from separate states, and they simply talk about stuff they *love*. It wouldn't be so fabulous if it weren't for their wonderful personalities and yummy chemistry. They're just so much fun! And! They're so positive. It's so good to hear such a nice podcast, full of love and camaraderie and laughter. I want to be Sara and Rob when I grow up!

4. The Petcast -- Steve Friess (half of The Strip Podcast) and co-host Emily Richmond focus on pets and their humans. Really, they focus on dogs, but the cat lovers are definitely representin' these days! (Yeah, OK, I'm one of 'em.) This is a homey, warm, loveable show, kinda like the way everyone feels about their pets in general. It publishes twice a week and is well worth the 30-minute investment of your time. Anyone want to get into a debate about how wretched and torturous it is to de-claw a cat? Hmmmmmm, let's check with my mother-in-law....

All of these podcasts can be found on iTunes, which is how I subscribe and listen to all my favorite podcasts except for Tim Gunn's and the Strip. I can't wait that long when it comes to Tim's Take -- and I always go to the chat room on Thursday nights to hear Steve and Miles record The Strip.

(OK -- for clarity -- I also subscribe to The Strip on iTunes so I can hear the edited version of the show, but I love being able to chat and listen while they record the show, so I guess I listen to each show twice, and it's always a great show, so it's not like it's boring to hear it twice.)

Oh, wait, I almost forgot -- As of Episode 6 (which still doesn't totally suck!), I can add Grits to Glitz to my list of favorite podcasts. I think we might be getting the hang of this thing!

Now... does anyone know where I can get a good deal on an iPod?

Note added: I forgot -- many of the readers of this blog are still into scrapbooking. There is at least one podcast about scrapbooking; you can find it at . I haven't listened to it, so I can't recommend it one way or the other. If you know of a *great* scrapbooking podcast -- audio, not video -- please let me know!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Peace, quiet, & Project Runway Ep 5!!!

The answer to Dennis' pressure washer came in the form of some water line and yard work being done in my backyard -- and the guys parked the back hoe right next to the fence that Dennis was going to be cleaning! YAY! Peace and quiet in the afternoons!

Poor Dennis -- he's having palpitations, but I bet he found something on the other side of his yard to clean with the pressure washer. Tee hee!

Now on to more important matters -- MICHAEL WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sniffle. I'm so proud and happy. Michael's my favorite. From the coffee-filter dress in the first episode and through two team challenges, his work has been fabulous. *And* he talks to his mama as if he likes and respects her, as a good Southern man should do. And finally the judges are recognizing his genius! Go, Michael! Also, I could totally see Pam Greer wearing that hot, hot pink, hot pants outfit. Michael rocks!!!! I might actually buy a copy of Elle magazine just to see Michael's Tresemme ad!

I thought the twist of having the models choose a designer was interesting and really very nice -- I've thought all along that the poor models really have absolutely no power over their competition. So it was great to see the models mixing it up and choosing for whom they would be modeling, and I thought they did a great job of choosing designers whose work inspired them.

As for the "icons" challenge, I was surprised at some of the people who got a pass with simply awful designs. (Jeffrey.) (His "updated" Madonna look was too last century, and she would never re-do anything she did twenty years ago.)

When it came to the bottom three, I knew scruffy Bradley would be going home. He made two pairs of pants in two consecutive challenges that had significant construction problems, and he didn't have a clue what Cher is all about. Robert needs to smack Bradley over the head with a Bob Mackie Barbie! But I'll miss Bradley's bon mots -- he grew on me with his sweet, self-depracating quips.

Speaking of Robert -- honey! Robert, baby! He is NOT BORING. He's just in a tiny, little slump. This builds the drama and anticipation, and I'm still rooting for Robert to be in the final three with Michael.

I cannot wait for next week. They didn't show proper previews for the next challenge, but a kind of "next few episodes" sort of preview. I'm disappointed. I wanna know what happens next week! I wanna start guessing that Jeffrey or Vincent gets the boot!

Before I go, I have to quote my favorite post on the Television Without Pity boards about *last* week's show, by an unknown but smart poster:
"Keith, Angela has immunity. I BLAME YOU."

Oh, yeah, baby, pins and needles!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Of vague despondency or ill temper

My mother used to have a word that she dragged out on particularly heinous days.

You know. It's a little like 7th grade -- the year when I cried at least twice a day but usually four or five times a day and wished I was dead, because death was the only thing that would cure my acne, my greasy hair, and the fact that 9th grade hunk Jeff McConky didn't know I was alive.

Eh, OK, so some things don't change. At least my hair stays clean for more than 3 hours at a time.

Anyway, I would be having one of those truly *horrible* 7th grade days when absolutely no one was talking to me, I dropped mystery meat from the cafeteria on my favorite almost-see-through disco pink blouse with the gold threads and the mother of pearl buttons, and not only didn't Jeff McConky see me standing on top of his books outside the cafeteria, but he nearly knocked me over when he picked up said books and trotted off to his locker, and THEN my ex-best-friend Cheryl would snidely say, "You have something stuck in your braces. It's huge. It's GREEN. Gross."

Yeah. One of *those* days.

Then Mama would forget to pick me up -- she did that on more than one occasion. I'm serious, y'all, my mother the saint would forget about me for hours at a time. Once I waited outside the junior high forever, and I begged a janitor to let me back inside so I could call home and go to the restroom. I swear -- I am not making this up -- I made the call, and the phone rang and rang, and then I ran to the girls' room, and then I ran outside -- only to see my mother driving AWAY. I ran after her in the driveway, screaming and waving my hands. The driveway was very long, and dumped cars out onto a road that looped back around to the front, so I stopped chasing and turned right to cross the field and chase after her once she was on the road.

She never saw me. Not once. I walked home, crying the whole way. And it was a LONG WALK. And I didn't have a dime to call from the pay phones halfway through town.

And then -- and then -- if I wasn't perfectly cheerful and chirpy at dinner, she would say, "YOU... have the MULLYGRUMPS."

I looked it up. I don't know where Mama got her particularly version of it, but the word "mullygrubs" was in an 1806 dictionary, and it meant "a condition of despondency or ill temper; a vague or imaginary unwellness." The variation "mullygrumps" is listed as a viable substitute.

I have had the mullygrumps all day long.

This is not so awful a malaise as to make one beat one's children or set the house on fire. Oh, no. It's a great deal more vague and simmering than that. It's just a tendency to want to shrug and say, "Why? Why exert myself? No one ever pays any attention to me, anyway." You watch a lot of TV and complain in your head that there's nothing on. You have two DVD's from Netflix but you don't feel like watching either one of them. It's too hot to go outside and watch the hummingbirds. It's too cold inside with the air conditioner. Just nothing is *right*.

I finally screwed my head on straight and decided in the late afternoon that it was not going to get any cooler than this, so I had better get myself a glass of sugar-free lemonade and go watch some hummingbirds before I start pulling my hair out or dropping all the glasses on the kitchen floor to see which way the shards of glass fly.

I got the next Laurie Notaro book, poured myself some lemonade, lowered the bamboo shades, and sat down to start enjoying hummingbirds and a humorous batch of essays. I hadn't been reading for ten minutes when my neighbor Dennis came out of his house and started up his [expletives deleted] pressure washer.

Now, I should tell you that Dennis is a very nice man. He has never yelled at my kids nor kicked my pets. In fact, Dennis has been a very helpful and pleasant neighbor. He's never once pulled his shirt up and started scratching his stomach in the middle of a casual yard conversation. (As a former neighbor did, which shocked and horrified me to no end.) When Dennis' wife holds a yard sale, she doesn't mind if I put my spare junk in her yard sale. I mean -- I really like Dennis and his wife.

However, Dennis has a flaw. He is hyper-attentive to his lawn and home. Dennis loves to mow. At first I thought he was just a neat-freak who wanted to keep his grass short, but after years of watching the man mount his riding mower as if it were a shining black Arabian steed and he was riding off to the Crusades, wearing a wide grin with a cigarette clinched in one corner of his gleaming teeth, no, no, I'm pretty sure Dennis just loves mowing grass. He loves it so much that he almost always mows half of our lawn while he's at it -- four times a week.

Dennis make it very hard to be slovenly pig-beasts as we are about our lawn.

But ... Dennis' lawn-mowing parades have taken a vacation in the middle of this waning summer. He either bought or won or was given a powerful new pressure washer, and he is carrying on a torrid affair with this new piece of home maintenance equipment. Every afternoon for the last week or so (and for hours at a time over the weekend), Dennis has found something in his back yard that desperately needed pressure washing.

That wasn't so bad -- he has a high fence around his back yard because of the above-ground pool. And because of said above-ground pool, I thought Dennis would be kept busy until his grass got so tall that seed heads formed and threatened the world, at which point, I was sure, Dennis would remember his lonely lawn mower and would once again mount to ride the beckoning waves of infidel granery.

I was wrong.

Not ten minutes after I opened my book, sipped my lemonade and watched a couple of hummingbirds sipping at the nectar, Dennis cranked up his [expletives deleted] pressure washer and started washing the exterior of the fence that encircles his entire back yard.

A hummingbird darned nearly fell right off the perch on the feeder when the noise began. I had no idea how much of that noise had been being absorbed by Dennis' fence when was washing stuff in his own back yard. Now that he was outside the fence, the horrific noise bounced off the wood -- perhaps it was amplified by the fence itself -- and poured ceaselessly into my yard, onto my porch, and into my poor ears.

I tried to read my book.

I couldn't hear the buzz of the hummingbirds.

A train went by, and I didn't notice it, drowned as it was by the thudding drone of Dennis' pressure washer.

After twenty minutes, I gave up and went inside. I was going to watch TV, but it was drowned out by Dennis' pressure washer.

I turned on some music -- which I couldn't hear -- and tried to read indoors.

Half an hour later, when Wesley came home from work, we shouted at each other over the noise of Dennis' pressure washer, and I decided Wesley could by-gum go get some take-out for dinner. He picked Hardee's. I don't like their dinner food. (Their pork chop biscuits are great, however.) The birds yelled and screeched while Dennis' pressure washer screamed on, and Wesley and I shouted at each other about dinner food. He left. He came back with food for him and the kids.

Dennis' pressure-washer washed on.

Late in the evening, I went to the car to get something. That's when I noticed the shining yellow visage of Dennis' fence -- a section of fence that is about 8x7'. The next section faces my house, and it's about 35' long, and almost 9' high in some spots.

I'm thinking of buying myself some ear plugs. Or a gun. Or maybe both.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Rant without a cause


This is the third time since Wednesday night that I've tried to come up with something worth blogging. I should find a meme somewhere and just do that! Oh, wait, I don't know where any memes are. Phooey!

OK, you're stuck with my empty brain.

I wanted to take pictures of flowers -- even though, really, August flowers irritate me. It's all red stuff, no pink or white or blue. When it comes to the blooming world, May rocks. August stinks. (Even my mother used to complain about how August's flowers are all red and hot-looking. We both hated canna lilies, which bloom in profusion here this time of year.)

But it's so dang stinkin' hot and humid, I can't stand to be outside long enough to find non-red flowers for photos. Dang!


Yeah, you heard it here... first. Maybe.

All I can say is that making your first eBay auction is the most stressful thing I've encountered all summer long. I actually *cried* while trying to make my first listing last night. It was horrid and traumatic! I even made my sister Amy -- who was *incredibly* busy at the time -- help me with my stupid eBay auction listing. There's *got* to be a better way!

Check with me if I'm still complaining this time next week, would you? I would appreciate it.

As usual, Amy and I published our fourth episode of our Grits to Glitz podcast on Thursday -- we got a lot of new hits thanks to listeners of The Strip Podcast. We are *huge* fans of The Strip. Steve and Miles rock, and you wouldn't believe their last episode. Chubby Checker is nutty! And I don't mean in a good way. Oh, wait, I forgot to plug our own podcast. We had a voice mail that we could play on the air -- yaaaaaaayyyyyy!

So -- I wish I could say that I wrote fabulous poetry this week, or that my hair is gorgeous, or that one of my children discovered the cure for cancer, but all I've got, really, is eBay is a pain, and it's stinkin' hot.

Anyone else *really* looking forward to Wednesday night?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Project Runway, S 3, Ep 4


Whew. What a week! I held my breath too much and I was lightheaded by the time the show started tonight. I don't have a lot to say -- I am just sooooooo relieved that it was the butler in the attic with a stack of books. Wait! I mean, I'm sorry, it was Keith who got kicked off of Project Runway.

And he still had a stack of books -- pattern-making books, that is! That is very close to one of the leaks/spoilers that appeared on Television Without Pity over the last week, but that rumor said "fashion books," which could be, well, anything. But pattern-making books -- heck, even I know that's evil!

Take that, Keith, you and your insufferably superior, lazy, entitled attitude. Yes! There is justice. I feel so much better about the world in general right now.

That said, I kind of expected a terrible letdown once the rule-breaker was revealed, and I'm sooooooo happy to say -- no! Not a bit! I absolutely cannot *wait* to see what happens next week when Angela (the bubble-skirt rosette girl) has immunity and totally sinks her fellow designers in her incomprehensible, inexpert, inexperienced, inelegant muck!

My two favorite moments of tonight's show -- other than the Ouster of the Keither into the Ether --

1. Michael, collapsing on a table, kicking his heels up into the air and guffawing while trying to explain to Angela about design, and --

2. The moment when Heidi told Robert his design was boring and he mouthed, "OUCH!"

I adore Robert and Michael, and I am holding my breath for the rest of the season in the hopes that they are both in the final 3. It's official. I have chosen my favorites, and all the rest can try, but they can only *try* to supplant the beauteous boys.

Oh, a word about this week's loser: Awwwwwwwwww. I hardly knew anything about Bonnie. That was kind of sad. I ... kind of thought maybe scruffy Bradley would go, thanks to his diaper pants. I'm sorry it was Bonnie ... sort of...

I don't know. This is a very difficult season -- there are so many more *fabulous* designers than there were in seasons past. I still think Vincent, Angela, and Jeffrey are the worst, but that still leaves a lot of really talented people. I'm just not sure that Bonnie was the most deserving of being auf'ed. I hope she continues to go on and design and succeed, and I really loved her attitude, if not her style, so much.

So -- aren't you guys relieved it wasn't Kayne who was kicked out???? WHEW!