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Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

I'll tell you the truth -- Mother's Day kinda bums me out. I don't think of it as a day that I should get props, but as a day that I should be able to hang out with *my* mother. That hasn't been possible in 14 years. I still miss Mama.

And honestly, Mama wasn't all up in a dither about Mother's Day, anyway. Her philosophy was, "If you don't treat me nicely the other 364 days a year, why should you put on a sham that one day of the year?" I would like to think I *did* treat Mama nicely the other days of the year. I hope. Fingers crossed. Can't go back and re-do them now, after all.

This morning, Woodrow prepared the coffee maker for me before I woke up. That's pretty big. And man, it shouldn't be!!!! He's almost 14!!!!!! The boy should know how to prepare a coffee maker! But he got Wesley on the phone to talk him through the steps of putting in the water and coffee and everything. So I didn't have to do anything except hit the "on" button when I got up.

After that, I didn't have a big day. I surfed the Internet, I watched some TV. I can't remember doing anything important. I went to Knoxville and soothed Emily's boyfriend, who had a huge fight with his father. (My advice: "Go home, apologize, and clean your room.")

When Wesley got home, the kids sang "Happy Mother's Day" and gave me three bags of Starbucks coffee. I am an African bean addict. It's awful to be addicted to African beans. They're sooooooooo expensive and not easy to find. So I'm very happy with my gift!

Then it was a night of important (snort!) TV. "The West Wing" took a bow, so I cried. Tom Hanks was on "The Actor's Studio," so I cried. And then -- and *then* -- Grey's Anatomy. Wowsers, I *bawled*!!!!! Great show!!!!!!!! I can't wait for Monday night's two-hour season finale!!!!!!!!

That was my Mother's Day -- I hope all the moms out there had a good one, too!


At 15/5/06 7:21 PM, Blogger Hi, my name is Greg. said...

I thought I wished you a Happy Mama's Day, too...You did not mention me in your story, Bay. Where's *my 15 minutes* for wishing *you* a great day...LOL!

I am ever so glad you had great one...As well as all of your readers. It should be a day celebrtaed. After all thoughs long, frustrating hours of labor and then 9 months later you give birth...

Ta' fo now!

At 16/5/06 10:54 PM, Blogger Gwyn Calvetti said...

Gotta laugh at the coffee skills of Woodrow! My mother's day was about like that. No tv, but otherwise similarly stuck in front of the internet, doing lots of chores around the house, making a nice supper and eating with all four of us here.

I swear, they don't treat me well the rest of the year, why would I expect differently? Though one son did bring home a flat of bedding plants as gift, including a cute miniature rose bush. So it's all good!


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