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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another teaser

I swear I am keeping notes on what to write when I finally have the time -- and energy -- to write a real report for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. However, it's 11:26, and I'm just now home. I have to leap up in the morning, throw my stuff in the suitcase, and go to the airport in order to go back to my *other* home, the regular one in Tennessee.

What I can say is that this has been the best trip to Las Vegas yet. And that's saying a lot, because the other visits here were nothing to sneeze at.

The trade show was sublimely exhausting. I developed a blister in the middle of my *left* foot tonight. I am literally overwhelmed with my impressions from the show, and I can only hope that distance will give me some perspective. I'm still most excited by the SugarVeil stuff which works with papercrafting tools. However, a discovery in the New Exhibitors section was *lovely*. For me. Maybe not for everyone, but it is a dream come true for *me*.

And I had an excruciatingly exciting afternoon *after* I left the convention center. I cannot give any details, but I decided I hadn't had enough attention, so I sought it from the Las Vegas Monorail Security Guards. I will be writing to the Monorail Authority to tell them they have *splendid* people on staff at the Monorail.

I'm sad -- it's my last night in Las Vegas, and I have to go home tomorrow. I wish I could stay another week!!!! Except... I really kinda miss my family. But Amy has made me so comfortable here and has been the most gracious and giving hostess in the world. We had *so* much fun!!!!

But my feet are cursing me viciously. If I ever go to CHA again, I shall bring a wheelchair! But if I ever come to Las Vegas again, I know I will have a blast with my sister!


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