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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Veddy Good Monday

This is not a proper chapter of my trip report. I'm exhausted, and as I suspected, time is at an all-time premium now that the trade show has officially opened. I'm keeping notes and have started writing the report for Monday, but it is in no way ready for posting.

Besides, if you're reading my reports in the hopes that I'll have thorough descriptions of the products offered at CHA this year, you'll be greatly disappointed. I get paid to write about that kind of stuff. And to be honest, it's more interesting to me to tell you about my day, my experiences, the stupid things I did, the idiocies in which I indulged, and the things that made me laugh, cry, or both. I can go on for paragraphs about the blister in the *middle* of the bottom of my foot. I can't summon up more than a few syllables about the products on the shelves at the trade show.

At least not yet. Today was an orientation day for me -- finding the press room, dealing with the mountains of press kits, talking to strangers, and finding the big booths just so I can keep a sort of mental map in my head in order to find the more interesting *little* booths -- that sort of thing.

And today held some really important business -- finding old friends, hugging dear friends, laughing with good friends, and having another fabulous Fat Burger milkshake.

Tomorrow, armed with the knowledge I built up today, perhaps I'll have a volume of product reports. But in the meantime, you should probably simply visit ScrapTalk's Scrap Scoop. Deb always has the best and most thorough photo essay on the new goods at every major trade show.

Now I think I'll go get a full night's sleep -- thank heaven.

P.S. -- Isn't it odd the way the comments stop appearing as soon as all the scrappers descend on Sin City?


At 31/1/06 9:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bay, I am reading each and every one of your trip reports. Thanks for the link, I am anxious to see some of the new products out there. My DH did make it home safe Sunday from Vegas, and he said he broke even. I'm glad that you have the opprotunity to arrive in Vegas early and visit with your sister. You are also making me very HUNGRY for the great food out there. Can't wait for the next report!

At 1/2/06 10:58 AM, Blogger Bay in TN said...

Sabrina, I'm glad your hubby made it home all right! I'm afraid I haven't had any really special meals since the show started, but the ones before -- mmmmmmmm!!!! I love Las Vegas for dining opportunities. They have literally everything here, if you can just find it!

I should have proper reports for Monday, Tuesday, and probably Wednesday by ... next week. I'm sorry! It's just too hectic to sit and write now.


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