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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Quick Tuesday night post

Again, this is not going to be a real part of the trip report. This is just a prologue -- a preview -- a sneak peek.

1. I am exhausted. My feet hate me forever. That show is much bigger than it was last year, and I could *swear* there are more people there, too.

2. The coolest thing I saw was cake decorating stuff. Yes, it's in the scrapbooking section, and well it should be, even though no one was paying any attention to the booth. It's smooth like marzipan, or you can squeeze it out of a syringe to make lace. That's cool enough. But if you make sheets of it (like marzipan or... *paper*), you can use your ordinary papercrafting tools on it. I watched the demonstrator push sheets of it through a Fiskars crimper. She cuts it with punches and makes flowers. And it takes an impression, so you can stamp on it.

This stuff was cool, and nobody even contemplated the possibilities. Just consider. You make your child's birthday cake match the invitations which match the scrapbook page. And... it REALLY matches, because you used the same tools that you used to make the paper things.

SugarVeil Confectioners Products -- They were a late addition to the show, I think, because I can't find the booth number in the show guide.

*Very* cool stuff. I can't believe she wasn't getting any interest in her stuff!!!

Now I'm off to the Tropicana with my sister -- tradition!

Post Script: I didn't make it to the Trop. We stopped by Lane Bryant so I could use my gift cards and buy that little camisole that has been calling my name for weeks. There must have been 20 people in there, and it took an hour to get out of the store. By that time, I was too tired to go alllllllll the way to the Strip walk around the Titanic exhibit. We stopped at Pop's Philly Cheesesteaks, got sandwichs, and came home to watch the American Idol auditions.


At 1/2/06 9:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bay, that does sound cool. I googled them and here is their site
Seems much cooler than paper clay and you can eat the goof ups.


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