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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Needed: One nanny

I need a personal assistant. No, I can't afford one. But I need one of those people who does all the normal living stuff for me so I can go pack for Las Vegas.

What not to forget:
- Badge thingie (to hold credentials)
- Battery re-charger (for camera batteries)
- Battery re-charger (for cell phone)
- Clips (to prove I'm a real writer)
- Doodad I've been meaning to send to Erikia Ghumm (for the last five months)
- Totally fabulous new blouse
- Totally fabulous shoes
- Totally comfortable shoes (for when the fabulous ones get soaked by a dropped drink)
- Notebook & pencils (for taking notes)
- Mini tape recorder (for getting quotes)
- Swimsuit (for frolicking in fountains)

I am in way over my head, ain't I?


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