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Saturday, January 28, 2006

January hummingbird

At Gwyn's request, this is a photo of the first hummingbird that came back to Las Vegas after a very short winter away. It was first spotted on January 21st, and has now been joined by at least one other hummingbird.

Amy's feeder is perhaps the only game in town (because who expects hummingbirds in January??), and these little jewels are draining it as fast as they can.

Early today (Saturday), I saw two hummingbirds hovering around the feeder, and less than half an hour later, both birds were sitting on opposite sides, eying each other suspiciously but still dining on today's fresh nectar -- the third batch of 2006.


At 29/1/06 11:53 PM, Blogger Amy said...

You know, I've just about decided that's a juvenile male, but I'm still not sure. I thought it was a female at first, but this bird has a lot more dark feathers on its chin than a female should have. Take a look at these photos.

I don't care what it is, though. It's here! And it's January! And it came back and buzzed my back porch until I put nectar out for it! Silly hummingbird should still be in Mexico, but I'm happy to have it here.


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