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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Day 6, Part III

Emily and her mango-strawberry Italian Ice, which cost $6.

And I totally forgot to comment on the Italian Ice salesgirl at that particular cart. She was wearing the most incredibly Goth outfit I've ever seen in broad daylight. Yes, anyone's mascara would run and turn Goth in that heat -- but those boots were as authentically Goth as anything I've ever seen. They laced all the way up three inches above her knees, and the heels were at least three inches high themselves. I promise that when she wheeled the Italian Ice cart away into the waning afternoon sun, I had a flashback to my freshman year of college, when all my best friends were punk rockers.

I shouldn't even post this (because my impressionable daughter reads my blog), but back in those long-lost college days, I had a friend whose favorite aluminum button to wear on her punk-rock-zippered-and-torn black t-shirt read, "F*** You Very Much." Oh, to be innocent again.


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