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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Things that go boom in the night

Independence Day was, as usual, completely fabulous and totally exhausting. I adore the Fourth of July, but *man*, it takes a lot of work to pull everything together in a timely manner. I couldn't have done it if it hadn't been for Emily's help -- she really pitched in and did a lot for me. Thank heaven for teenaged daughters!

Dinner was an abbreviated menu, due largely to the fact that there are no roadside produce stands within 20 miles of my house, and I was unwilling to drive any further. At that time. Most summer days, I wouldn't think twice at the thought of driving to Chattanooga and back (a 2.5-hour trip on a *good* day) just for a perfect tomato or -- wistful sigh -- a juicy, ripe, Georgia peach.

Wesley slept a little later than he intended (I didn't know I was supposed to be an alarm clock as well as a chef, pyrotechnics technician, decorator, chauffeur, writer, and photographer), so he was running late with the ice cream. However, he *did* make it, and it *was* the best batch he's ever made.

The fireworks were sublime. Emily recorded all of my favorite Disney fireworks themes on one CD -- the old Illuminations theme (a medley of classical symphonies that make your heart go pitty-pat), the old Fantasy in the Sky theme (a medley of Disney hits that make your heart go pitty-pat), and the latest Illuminations themes, "Reflections of Earth" and "We Go On." Those make me *cry*. As it happened, we've gotten so organized about our fireworks readiness that we had just the right amount of explosions to go with only the Epcot themes (both old and new). So we had no Magic Kingdom music, but that was OK -- I cried anyway. So did Emily.

As soon as the fireworks were finished, Wesley ran off to work and I went to Athens to see my oldest sister Martha. Then I drove home, crying because I missed Amy.

So I consoled myself with blackberry cobbler and homemade ice cream. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Happy Independence Day, y'all!!!! Carry fireworks in your heart if not in your hand!


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