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Monday, January 03, 2005

A few loose ends

I've gotten some notes and comments -- not many on this blog, but in my email -- and I thought I'd clear them up before moving along to a new old trip report. (Hey, they're all old until I start blogging in real time in mid-February!)

First of all, to answer KBH's question, posted waaaaaaaaay below the very first post, yes, I've been back to Motion since August, and it is definitely for the *older* beautiful crowd such as herself and myself. KBH, tell me, does that middle initial stand for "Bad" or "Beautiful"?

Moving right along --

I've received some questions about the Orlando trip. I'm sorry I didn't post a pre-trip itinerary. I went to Orlando mostly for the Scrapbooking Expo, and the sidetrips to Disney were just a big, honkin' bonus. A scrapbooking expo is a show at which vendors allow attendees to purchase goods. It usually also has classes and workshops in conjunction with the show, and let me tell you, these things can be lots of fun to attend. I went to the one in Orlando to work in the Club Scrap booth, so I didn't attend any classes, and I'm afraid I was too busy to shop. When I go to CHA in February, I plan to do a lot of looking and drooling. (CHA is a huge trade show for the crafts industry, and you can't buy unless you're a retailer. And I'm not a retailer.)

If you are interested in attending a scrapbooking expo or event, you can probably find one in your part of the country by checking here:

Scrap-Source is a website that lists all upcoming events for the calendar year on the left side of the page. Look to the middle, and you'll see all the current "calls" for submitting your work to magazines and design teams. The right hand side is reserved for goods and services links.

That leads to another question -- what is Club Scrap? Club Scrap is the Nirvana of scrapbooking supply clubs. Club Scrap is heaven in a pizza box, delivered directly to your door once a month with the most indescribably luscious cardstock, rubberstamps, and artistic goodies ever invented by mankind. (My personal opinion only, of course.) I love Club Scrap.

You can visit the Club Scrap website at:

Lots of people want to know what I do in the scrapbook industry. I'm a big nobody. Paraphrasing Chaucer, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, write about it." You can see the proof of that in my listing at the ScrapbookResumes website:

And finally, don't be afraid to leave comments!!!! You can say whatever you want, up to and including "Get a life." I reserve the right not to listen to you, of course, but with about 350 hits on this blog since I added the counter, I'd really like to see more comments from those hits. I promise I don't bite. Unless you ask nicely.

Thanks for reading! I'll be uploading another trip report soon, I promise!



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