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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The end of the Expo - Aug. 29th

1. I woke up with my now-loud-enough alarm clock and got up at 7:00. I went downstairs for coffee and condiments, but I skipped the croissant. Our room had a coffee maker, but the maid hadn't left us any condiments. Both Annette and I took sugar and cream, so I made sure to get plenty for each of us while I was there. I paid cash this time, and one single cup of ordinary coffee cost more than $4. I was in shock.

2. Back up in the room, Annette really didn't want to wake up. I stayed quiet, then I went outside to call Wesley. She *still* didn't want to wake up. I checked email. When she finally woke up, I called Tricia to find out what time she had to leave. Turns out she wasn't leaving 'til afternoon and had forgotten to call me, so I woke her entire family up. Dang it. She said we'd meet in the Italian restaurant at 8:30, so I packed my suitcase and got ready to leave.

3. We met downstairs at the appointed hour. I was already ready to cry. I know I got to *see* Tricia, but I didn't get *any* gab time with her. She really is a very special person and has been so kind and helpful to me. Anyway, the restaurant was really nice. It had a breakfast buffet that was massive. The coffee and juice were great; the food was great. there was no cream-cheese-stuffed-french-toast, and no Mickey, so it wasn't up to Disney standards. However, our waiter made us feel like royalty. It was almost like he didn't *have* any other tables, he was so attentive. The conversation was great, but entirely too short. Finally, Tricia got the check and I said I wanted to stop at the Disney Gateway store across the way to get some pins for the kids.

4. We shopped in the Disney Gateway store. I got a Mickey pin for Woodrow, a Stitch for Emily, and a patriotic Tink for me.

5. I cried when I said goodbye to Tricia. I really felt like I didn't get enough time to talk to her and find out how she's doing.

6. I ran upstairs and brushed my teeth, stuffed my toothbrush in my bag, and checked the bill for check-out. I just about dropped my teeth when I saw how much we had charged to the room over the weekend. I marked the things that I'd bought. I gave Annette my card key to turn in at check-out, although I really wanted to keep it for a souvenir. It had a pretty swamp picture on it.

7. And I left. I went to the porte cochere and waited for Pam.

8. Pam arrived right on time. The place was mobbed with cars and vans and shuttles, so I had to hike to get to her, and I threw my huge suitcase in the back as fast as I could so I wouldn't hold anyone up. Then we headed off for the airport.

9. Then Pam drove past the first exit for the airport because we were talking so much. We eventually came to a Bee Line back to the airport, so we weren't *too* far out of the way. Pam dropped me off, I said goodbye, and then I was in an airport.

10. the rest of the trip is very dull -- airports, security (not flagged this time), catching flights. I got home in one piece, and that's what really matters.


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